probably do/nt

May 13, 2009

until home brew is available probably dont but then again probably do

big blokes

bansky did cans

May 13, 2009

yes before he did stencils bansky did pieces.

banksy graf1

banksy graf2

banksy graf3

banksy graf4

banksy graf5


May 13, 2009


everyone loves vans; its simple. now vans are bring out a book to document the history of their awesome shoe.
The book weaves together the multi-generational story of the community and culture of all that has influenced and has been influenced by Vans: boards, bikes, art, music, and street culture, and the iconic shoes that have united them together.

should be available in june

zombie nation

May 12, 2009

we at gungs recently attended a cool fucking house party. there was zombie shit everywhere and dance floors in bedrooms. beers beers beers, horse porn, a chop bowl, and the living dead. it was a messy and blood filled affair; even kids eating scorpions.

the mahem also gave way to boy go yoko (featured in an earlier post) to mix his shit once again. he stole the show on this outrageous deck, as mentioned above, in a bedroom!




May 11, 2009

old school animation from sesame street. fuckin’ ernie


May 9, 2009

from what we can best gather, horimono is a polite japanese term used to describe the full body tattoos generally adorned by members of the yakuza. in past japanese culture, criminals were branded with tattoos to indicate their crimes (usually with a hoop around their arm) and as these people were shunned they stuck together. now the traditional horimono tattoos are a sign an indication that the yakazu are tough enough to withstand the pain and are worn proudly as symbols of status and dedication, Yakuza tattoos have evolved into magnificent, multicolored full-body masterpieces.

to find out more visit:




May 8, 2009


danny wild

May 8, 2009


formerly tuff guys discothèque destroyer now on the solo tip. this dj can bust out some pretty mad tracks. make sure you listen to whoa!


May 4, 2009

checkout gungs apparel for the first productions




May 4, 2009

if you like the xmen trilogy you will definatly like this claw driven movie. the computer generated imagery is really cool and suprisingly not really over the top! hugh jackman did really well!

Logan: [is shown his dog tags] I want new ones.
William Stryker: And what do you want them to say?
Logan: Wolverine.

all anyone can say to that is…ooooooooooo