the pistachio effect

April 29, 2009
The Pistachio Effect is Nick Ball & Gus Johnston’s latest short film.


It’s funny how the ‘night before’ always creates the ‘morning after’. And this morning was going to be like no other for Kevin who wakes on his mate’s couch to find him taking delivery of 162kg of pistachio nuts.

The first pistachio was intriguing; green in hue. The second was tasty. Salted. And by the third, they are addicted to the little bastards. The pistachio effect takes hold.

As Mark and Kevin settle into the couch it is clear they don’t agree on many things; Mark doesn’t eat any more than two food groups per day, while Kevin loves talking politics. They can never ever agree on a “hotness” scale for the weather girls on TV, but none of that matters when they’re consumed by pistachios.

They laugh, they cry, they eat, and they eat some more.

The Pistachio Effect – a comedy about love, hate and. . . pistachios.

It’s nuts.

this short film has alot of accomplishment left in it. the pistachio effect has only just begun

how much do you love me?

April 29, 2009


“a very unromantic comedy”

this short film directed by nick ball & gus johnston stars dave lawson & gemma Silk. the movie was written by hugh jellie and edited by jonnie morris it packs a lot of funny moments in its short lifetime and was very well polished! give it a ten outta ten definatly

Cannes Short Corner
Palm Springs International Short Fest
World Of Comedy Film Festival
Falls Creek Film Festival
Shorts Film Festival
Mendocino Film Festival
Shorts Outback Film Festival
Sudbury International Film Festival
Worldwide Short Film Festival

the movie deservidly won the Audience Award for Best Film @ Fed Fest 2009

fake blood

April 27, 2009


very good at what he does, fake blood played his ‘grindcore/electro’ beats to a sold out prince, in melbourne. his set carried on throughout the middle of the night when the folk present were at their premium fucked level. his beats are heavy and so were the dance moves

david o’doherty

April 27, 2009

david o’doherty was a suprise package with most of his performance being stand up rather than what he displays at the comedy galas which is musical comedy. he sprinkled his performance with his cleverly written songs (which fucking smash any other comedians who use music as their medium) and his improvised humour is something definatly worth seeing. david o’doherty made a sold out hi fi bar and ballroom very comically fullfilled.

dod1 dod21

arj barker

April 27, 2009

arj-barker arj-barker2

arj barker is the master of the stand up comedy realm. he packed out the melbourne town hall night after night during the melbourne 2009 comedy festival. with his hour long show; he spoke of toast and pluto amongst other things. his emphasise on the unexpected part of the joke/punch-line is a very unique talent of his

some of his gala stuff from australia…


April 27, 2009

this is one large fuck off pool.

According to the Guinness World Records, the largest swimming pool in the world is San Alfonso del Mar Seawater pool in Algarrobo, Chile. It is 1,013 m  long and has an area of 8 ha (20 acres). It was completed in December 2006.



st jeromes gone forever

April 27, 2009

the beloved st jeromes has closed forever and it definatly is worth a mention. everyone in melbourne has been their or knows someone who has; the indoor and outdoor areas created one of the best night spots to party hard. thankyou for provided the melbourne bitter long neck to so many. good buy beloved friend





boy go yoko

April 26, 2009

‘boy go yoko’ is a fond friend of gungs with his ultra cool party attitude and more importantly his beats. as a rising dj and playing his first official set at 0000 hours friday at syn bar on russell street. he certainly delivered. we will be seeing alot more of this superstar in the near future.


‘boy go yoko’ got his opportunity to show his skills making music through ‘naysayer and gilsun’, a two man team who echo the musical style of girl talk; please listen to their stuff at:

definatly worth it.

KR – craig costello

April 26, 2009

KR, one of newyorks well known street/graffiti artist had a show at the ‘dont come’ gallery on level two of the royal arcade. the dont come gallery is also a shop, with some cool threads but an uncool price-tag to go with them, never the less worth checking out.


his works concentrate on dripping and its aesthetic qualities to do with ink and paint. this is what showed at the gallery, but he also does spray paint art/graffiti aswell.


kr31 kr4


KR has his own line of pens and paint markers and what not; it is called krink… KR + ink
pretty cool stuff

how do you say

April 26, 2009

gungs…struggling to say it properly?

it sounds something like phuongs. but who really cares