May 28, 2009

sorry about the lack of updates but we are currently working on an online store. it will be ready very very soon.

eff it studios

May 20, 2009

check out the eff it studio page if you want.

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May 20, 2009

cheap as fuck and alright


Great value 400ml nitro-combi paint can in the finest colors. Low price but unbelievable value for money!

BASIC is the new entry-level paint in a choice of 20 selected colors for excellent base coverage. The BASIC range is in nitro-combi quality, providing quick drying time and easy combination with all other MONTANA products. Suitable for low budgets, but great value for money!
paint-quality: nitro-combi


problem child

May 20, 2009

everyone remembers that movie from 1990, and the second one


everyone remembers the kid from it…check him out a bit more grown up in life


jordan is mot

May 20, 2009

jordan is mot…not many people know what this means and not many people know how to explain it. we at gungs have had a few words to the creators of this movement/craze/whatever it is and they said to sit back and enjoy the fact that everyone is learning jordan is mot.

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the panama dining room

May 19, 2009

level three – 231 smith street fitzroy
walking up the three flights of stairs you wouldnt think this place is much but you walk through the doors into somewhat of an upstairs upmarket heaven overlooking collingwood and smith street through huge arch windows. there is a small dining area adjacent to a pool table and the extremely long bar which houses alot of different alcohol (cheapest beers $6 melbourne bitter bottles) over looks a large open space to gather and down a few with friends. the place is very fucking cool!




May 19, 2009

the godfather of graffiti, ‘seen’ or Richard “Richie” Mirando was a front runner with graffiti in the US in new york. he started to paint in new york subways around 1973 up till and around the 90s with his crew United Artists or UA. seen is a very accomplished graffiti writer with his works stretching into different media such as sculpture as well as becoming a tattoo artist.









this is from seen…
“In 1984 “Blade 1” and I went to Hollywood, California on a mission to leave our mark. We bombed from Venice Beach to the Sunset Strip.
The following morning on the flight back home, all I could think about was the “HOLLYWOOD” sign. To me, that was Hollywood’s prize possession and we didn’t hit it! A few months later I returned to Hollywood alone. My sole mission this time around was to paint the Hollywood sign.




May 19, 2009


So if you’re into bikes, skate boards, music of any kind, vintage sportswear, modern streetwear or vinyl toys, come on down Sunday May 31! The venue is perfect with a mixture of indoors and outdoors so they got you covered either way the weather blows vintage. see you guys there.

sacred geometry

May 13, 2009

Sacred geometry is geometry used in the design of sacred architecture and sacred art. The basic belief is that geometry and mathematical ratios, harmonics and proportion are also found in music, light, cosmology.

Sacred geometry may be understood as a worldview of pattern recognition, a complex system of religious symbols and structures involving space, time and form. According to this belief the basic patterns of existence are perceived as sacred.

sacred geometry sacredfeo


May 13, 2009

for all the hardcore kids out there. ‘carpathian’, probably australias finest hardcore band, is playing with boston’s straight edgers ‘have heart’ on the 23rd at the art house. not sure if tickets are still available. check this out if u like their isolation album because they might not play alot of it again. see you there